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Trig's Storage Ltd

Offering Secure Self-Storage Solutions in Merritt, BC 


Below are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Q) What size units do you have?

  1. Trig's Storage Ltd offers many sizes of indoor units. The smallest units are 4 x 8 or 32sqft.  This type of unit is well suited for modest storage needs such as safekeeping office files, seasonal clothing, suitcases or other bulky items that take up valuable day to day closet space.
  2. The next size up is our 6 x 10 units or 60sqft. These units would be suitable storage for furnishings of a mid sized bedroom or a large walk in closet.
  3. For storage of a motorcycle or house appliances, our 8 x 10 units or 80sqft  would be recommended.  These units would be also large enough for storing the contents of a small one bedroom apartment.
  4. For  a little larger unit, Trig's Mini Storage offers  8 x 12 units or 96sqft.  These would typically accommodate  the contents of a small apartment.
  5. Our mid range unit and most popular are the 10 x 10 units or 100sqft. Being the one half the size of a standard one car garage, you can store anything from a entire family room to all the yard equipment and toys from the off season.
  6. We also offer a 10 x 12 or 120sqft units. These units would be suitable for storing a typical 2 bedroom suite or apartment.
  7. The largest units Trigs Storage rent are 10 x 20 or 200sqft. They have large 8 feet wide roll up doors for easy access. This size would accommodate a 2-3 bedroom house or the contents of a typical car garage.


Q)  What are your fees?

  1. Our 4 x 8 unit rent for $50 per month
  2. Our 6 x 10 units rent for $65 per month
  3. Our 8 x 12 units rent for $75 per month
  4. Our 10 x 10 units rent for $75 per month
  5. Our 10 x 12 units rent for $90 per month
  6. Our 10 x 20 units rent for $130 per month
  7. Our 12 x 20 units rent for $150 per month 8. Our Outside RV/Boat/Equipment storage rent for $40 per month

If you're looking for affordable storage in Merritt BC contact Trig's Mini Storage for availability.


Q)  Do you allow month to month rentals?

Trig's Mini Storage takes great pride in working with its customers to help meet their storage needs.  We are happy to offer customized lease terms based on individual circumstances.  Call us to discuss your needs.  We are always happy to help our potential customers explore the available options.


Q) what form of payment do you accept?

Trig's Mini Storage accepts Interac e-transfers, personal cheques, and money orders.


Q) Can I access my unit 24 hours a day?

Trig's Mini Storage is accessible 24hours a day 365 days a year.  Outside units may also be accessed at your convenience 24 hours a day.  Please contact us in advance so we can provide access to the locked compound. We are located on BC Highway 8 at the intersection of Aberdeen Road.